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Hello and welcome to my art page!

I am a pastel artist, specialized in drawing animals. I work mostly on pet portrait commissions and drawing wildlife.

I have been fascinated by animals since childhood - always loved watching them moving, playing or just sleeping. Since I was allergic to animal’s fur and could not have any furry creatures of my own, I compensated it by drawing them. Depicting animals is my greatest passion, and just recently I decided to let the world know about it. Last year I started working on animal commissions (pet portraits and drawings of wild animals). And my favorite medium - soft pastels - appears to be perfect for painting animals (drawing fluffy fur, glossy eyes, and other textures). 

If you want to get a realistic, detailed portrait that captures your beloved pet’s personality, with even more depth and vibrant colors than a photo reference, please feel free to get in touch with me. It is possible to commission a painting with wild animals of your choice as well.

You will find more information about how to make an order by clicking on “Commissions”. To see examples of commissioned pet portraits please visit my “Gallery”. Also, in the section “For Sale” you can find and purchase original drawings with wild animals, flowers and nature.


In the near future the postcards with my artworks will be available to purchase.

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