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How to Order a drawing

Send me your best photos.

To order a portrait of a pet or any other animal of your choice please contact me by the email ( or by the Contact form and send me several photos of your pet (or other animal). It is better to have the clearest and highest quality images possible, so that I will be able to capture all the important characteristics and details of the pet (animal). If the pet is no longer alive, please send me all the pictures available and I will tell you if it is enough to create a good portrait.

Choose the size, number of animals, background.

Choose the preferable size of the portrait from the table below


Custom sizes are available upon request.


If you want a portrait that includes more than two animals, please email me for a quote.


I usually create portraits with an abstract background, so it does not distract attention from the animal and no extra payment for this is needed. However, you can also choose a detailed background for an additional fee.

* Prices do not include framing and shipping.


Confirm your order with a deposit.

Before starting the portrait, I will ask you to make a 50% deposit. The payment may be sent via Paypal or a bank transfer. This money is to cover high quality art materials I am using, and the time spent on getting started. Thus, it is not refundable if you decide to cancel the order for any reason. Also, by making this deposit you reserve a place on my waiting list.


The rest of the amount will be required after the portrait is finished and you are completely satisfied with it.

Drawing time, packing.

Once we decide which photo your painting will be based on, choose its size, discuss other details, you can complete the deposit payment and I will start working on your portrait.

Usually, your drawing should be ready within 3-5 weeks, depending on my workload. I work on a first-come first-served basis, so be sure to order a portrait well beforehand if it is supposed to be given as a present for a birthday or an anniversary.

After the portrait of your animal is completed, I will send you photos of the artwork for approval. You can additionally ask me for the photos during the process. Once you are satisfied with the result, the portrait will be carefully packed (covered with vellum, cardboard, and bubble foil) and shipped to you.


Finished portrait can be shipped worldwide unframed*. Shipping costs may vary depending on the size of the drawing and the destination country. Within the Czech Republic, shipping cost is about 8-10 euro. For shipping abroad please contact me to get the quote.

Normally, I use Czech Postal service, Česká Pošta, to ship unframed drawings. In case you want to get your portrait in a shorter time or already framed behind glass, I could help you to choose different shipping company for faster and safer delivery. 

*Why do I mostly ship unframed?

  1. it lowers the customer’s shipping costs (in frame size and weight of a drawing significantly increases);

  2. there is less chance of damaging the drawing during delivery (unless it is framed behind glass);

  3. you can choose the frame design yourself.



Upon receiving your drawing, to ensure its longevity, the final thing to do is the framing. Pastel painting requires framing behind glass, preferably with mount (passepartout), in order to prevent the pastel touching the glass. The best choice is to bring your portrait to the professional local framer, so that they will help you to pick up the appropriate design for the artwork. Or you can buy a suitable frame with a mat and frame the portrait yourself, if you have already some experiences with framing. Also, I can ship you the framed artwork, however the delivery cost might be much higher due to the increase in size and weight of the drawing.

I will be glad to help you and give my best advice. So, do not hesitate to contact me if you have difficulties with selecting photos or any other questions.

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